Friday, July 15, 2011

The Reverie of Morning

I wrote this poem on February 18, 2008 and came across it this morning.

Early morning hours call to me,
gently whisper in my ear and resound in my soul.

         Come to me, be quiet, breathe, and listen
         Today is a new day. A day of creation.
         Get out your giant canvas and paint your world.

So, I paint....and I consciously create,

          Another day of peace, gentleness, abundance,
          relationships filled with love and light
          to guide my way and the way of all who live and breathe.

I inhale my brothers and sisters and they inhale me.
I exhale peace and light into the ether
Knowing my exhale will be inhaled by multitudes.

And so I create....a gentler world, a kinder world,
a world of knowing and conscious togetherness.

        What kind of world will you create today?
        The canvas and paintbrush are yours to do with as you will.
        I trust you'll paint it lovingly and peacefully.

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