Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Project

I did not realize that it's been almost three weeks since I've blogged on this site. I'm not sure what I've been doing, besides being gone on vacation, that kept me from my blog. Anyway, I'm back. I have decided to change this to a once a week blog, so you should be getting something new every Thursday from blogspot.

I was going to write about deliberation, but after reading the following poem, I decided to share it instead. It touched my heart and made sense to me as it reminded me that all I need to do is be still and be present. I hope you find as much meaning in Nicole's words as I did. 

The Project

You turn every step
Of the Pathway to Enlightment
Into a project
Something to achieve
To Conquer
Or to procrastinate over...
You try to turn
Love Itself
Into an object to obtain,
Grabbing at it,
Missing the whole point.
You have managed to take
(Simple enough-there is only ONE)
And twist it into
Twos and Threes and Fours.
It's always about YOU and
Then God I suppose
And everyone else,
The ones on your side
And the ones who are fighting you.
So much work
So much paranoia
So much self-importance.
Now take a deep breath and
What if you are seeing this
All wrong?
It's just not that complicated.
Maybe there is
Just LOVE-
Love that is in every particle of existence
That IS every particle of existence.
You are made of that love
And if you are
Very quiet
And still
If you stop stirring up the water
Obscuring it with all that swirling sand
You will finally
And understand.
You will say,
The center of my own universe,
Don't even really exist
Not in the way I thought.
Oh God...
There is only

Written by Nicole Grace, a Buddhist monk and author who teaches Buddhism, mysticism and meditation to students around the world. Excerpted from Truth of Consciousness magazine, August 2011 edition.

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  1. love this, thank you! sweet acceptance!!