Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Adventure of Making Yourself Yours

"You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours." Anne-Wilson Schaef

     How do we claim the events of our life? We start by learning to own who we have been and what we have done. It's easy to bury and forget the aspects of life that have been painful. When, as children, we are ridiculed, forgotten and/or pushed aside, criticized, disrespected, and abused or bullied, we learn to function in life by burying the sorrow and creating a false self. We disassociate from self in order to survive.

     If we want to own our self, we must be willing to open the doors to the hidden sorrow. This is not an easy task, but it is an adventure well worth taking, because the result of re-connecting with self is authenticity. When we're authentic, we belong to our self.

     What's the difference between belonging to self and belonging to others? When we belong to others, we're likely to live our life being who others think we should be, and doing what they think we should do. We give up our ability to follow our heart and march to the drumbeat that we hear, which is uniquely ours.

     Today is a good day to claim yourself. Are you ready to do this, to see who you are and to walk a path of authenticity?  This is not a onetime exercise. Getting to our core is like digging for buried treasure. We dig down one layer at a time. We are the excavator, so we have to do the work required.

     Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life????